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The day is finally arrived.
A few hours ago, the social workers were sitting right in front of me.
I must admit that wasn’t a surprise to receive them, ‘cause before they’re been to visit my friend Antonella, which is adopting too, like single mother. So, she called us to tell to be prepared: “They are coming, baby!!!”.
At the beginning the situation was pretty scary and funny at the same time. Me and my love started to run all around the house, watching everything without any idea to what to do. Our home was unnaturally clean and tidy, so we just looking each other, smiling and tring to calm down.
Arrived only two woman: Yara, the psycholgist and Marly, the social worker. I really like them, they are so nice and kind. Our meeting lasted less than an hour, they made a lot of questions about us, our brazilian life, our story, our motivations to adopt and staff like that. They falled in love with the place we live…because if paradise exist I’m sure it will be like that. My husband was hilarious, he made a great job. He was absolutely perfect.
As usual I was a little bit more embarrassed and scared too, but I was able to talk and it was enough.
Everything was very natural and spontaneous, Marly told us that all the informations about us are good and that she will be able to make ” um relatorio muito bacana!!!” [an awesome report].
I feel more calm and relaxed now. We passed trough a very difficult moment, from january a lot of stressful things happens and now we feel like the worst is gone and our dream is becoming all day more close and real.
Now all we can do is waiting… again. But this time we are waiting the most important “yes” of our life and after that we’ll be officially paper pregnant. 
I look forward!!!
I called my mom in the night, ‘cause there are five hours time difference between Brazil and Italy, to tell her the news. She is so excited about this whole situation that she isn’t able to keep the secret until to became officially a waiting family, but I know very well this kind of feeling. I’m glad to make her a grandmother for the first time and I can’t wait to have her in this part of the world, with me. Are now ten months since I have seen her and I miss her so hard.
But tonight I don’t want to be sad. My heart is full, my mind is free and maybe, after a long time, my sleep will be peaceful.
Boa noite.

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