My Happy B-Day

I´m a big girl now… and of course big is much better than old.
It´s quite hard to walk through the different ages in just one life, specially if the feeling inside is totally different from the reality. Oh, I know I´m young and I´m probably living the better time of my life. And the hardest too.
The truth is that I´m growing fast. This wild life, esta vida louca, has no pity, no kindness, but I still love her with all my heart.
Anyway… today is an happy day. All the people who love me, made a call to Brazil, to me… or a message, or a mail and the point is that all of them had a special thought for me. That´s absolutely awesome. I´m a very loved girl, that means that I´m a very lucky girl too.

This year will be full of surprises. Good surprises, I guess.
I am really excited about what this year will bring to me. Hopefully health, happiness, love (yes, ´cause it´s never enough), trips and bla bla bla.
But most of all, this year I wish to hug my son for the first time.
My baby is each day more close to me and I can´t wait to start this wonderful adventure, this new life with him. Sempre juntos = always together, they said in Brazil.
I don´t really care to grow up, to be a woman, to be an adult, all that I desire is to be a super mama to my little boy, as soon as possible.

I look forward.

Well, it´s a great day, today. 
So… Happy birthday to me, feliz aniversario, buon compleanno!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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