Skin is just a color

A true-life story I really loved.
This movie make me laugh and smile and cry and think. Each time. I can’t deny to feel involved into this argument and for sure actually adoption is touching me more than everything. 
I’m aware that probably reality is different, but I still believe that this kind of love exists and that sometimes good things happens.
Sandra Bullock’s life choice is very often criticized, as the other celebs who decide to adopt a non white kid. I won’t to speak about that, ‘cause no one will know if their decision was made for genuine reasons or for other unknown motivations. 

The only certainty is that black babies have little chance to be adopted and that’s why transracial adoption is an amazing thing. This is a beautiful way for a baby to find a home and for a couple to became parents. Both are blessed, simply because adoption creates families.

Some people, famous or not, make the important decision to have a baby into their life, to be his parents for ever, to love him for ever and so, how this choice can be criticized?
I just think Sandra’s performance is great, and her decision to adopt his wonderfull baby boy is awesome. 
Really make difference the color compared to the infinite love for the own son? 
I won’t believe that the choice to became a mama can be made to use kids as publicity stunts, I really can’t. Look at that…
Me and my husband will be parents of a colored bambino and our will be a transracial family. 
I don’t know if this has always been my destiny, if this is what I’ve become or if life has led me to be this, but without any doubt, today this is our dream, our bigger desire. That’s the fact and I can’t immage a greater happiness. Period.

p.s.: sorry for my rusty english, but I’m just an italian girl who speak brazilian portuguese all day!!!

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