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“Lactose intolerance is the inability or insufficient ability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and milk products.”
In simple terms is the inability to eat all the most delicious things and certainly all the food you really love.
me NO LACTOSE means: no milk, no cheese, no chocolate (most of the time
also dark chocolate contains a part of milk), no yogurt, no ice cream,
no butter, no cakes, no cookies, no creams and no eggs too. 
people with lactose intolerance can tolerate some amount of lactose in
their diet. Not in my case. Certain food can be introduce back to your
diet after a period of
abstinence so it would be a good motivation to hold on to the new diet
till your body is ready to accept the sensitive food again. Not in my
I tried to hold on for a long time eating what I wanted, ignoring the effects that these foods had on me, on my body and also on my life. But it doesn’t work, after a while painful and embarrassing symptoms forced me to investigate my problem.
I started to eliminate all foods containing milk and dairy products. And believe me, at the beginning was really hard. But I had no choice. 
Today my lactose-free diet has become a habit and I feel more confortable with that. I can experiment new types of food and find a good alternative: oil instead of butter, infusions instead of milk, jam instead of Nutella [I know, sounds like a blasphemy], fruit ice cream instead of cream or vanilla or chocolate flavor.
to be intolerant to lactose and talk about that helped me to know that
there are so many people with the same syndrome. For me was important to
hear other people’s experiences and know that everyone can live without
much problems. It’s just learn how to eat to avoid discomfort, understanding what you are able to eat [intolerance is different from allergy] and to get enough calcium for healthy bones. And possibly live in a place where you can easily find lactose-free products, because in the city where I live, here in Brazil, is really difficult.
Moreover sometimes I feel bad also with flour, baking powder and certain types of meat, but that’s another story!!!
I love to eat and nothing can stop me from doing it with gusto.
Here some interesting american and italian blogs, where you can find tasty lactose-free recipes… Gnam!!!


[Cacau Show zero lactose]
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